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Plateforme Ultime P2P

Bienvenu a l'ultime plateforme d'échange P2P pour l'achat et ventes de vos cryptomonnaies 

Echangez en toute securité

Découvrez une nouvelle ère d'échanges en toute sécurité, sans intermédiaire. Notre plateforme P2P garantit la confidentialité grâce à un chiffrement avancé.


La confiance est instaurée par des évaluations honnêtes de la communauté.


Optez pour la transparence, la fiabilité, et la sécurité — rejoignez-nous pour une expérience d'échange où votre confiance est notre engagement premier.

Transaction Rapide et facile

Faites de chaque échange une expérience sans tracas avec notre service P2P. 


planifiez vos rencontres en un clin d'œil à travers notre calendrier en ligne. Que vous préfériez une discussion virtuelle via Zoom ou une rencontre en personne, la flexibilité est entre vos mains.


Rapidité et facilité définissent notre approche. Libérez-vous des contraintes, échangez comme vous le souhaitez avec notre service P2P.

  • Do you offer virtual or in person classes?
    We offer virtual or in-person courses at a location of your choice to accommodate your needs. Our team will be delighted to reach out and assist you in propelling yourself into the realm of Web 3.0.
  • following your training am I guaranteed to make significant monetary gains?
    After completing our training, we guarantee that you will have acquired the most comprehensive knowledge in trading, equipping you for success in the field of cryptocurrency trading.
  • How do the sessions work?
    All our sessions are offered in-person or virtually and are tailored to your level of knowledge and specific needs. When booking, simply choose the date and time that suits you. Please specify your preference in the comments section.
  • How Does P2P Work with CryptoMentor?
    Simply send us an email with your contact information so that we can reach you. In the email, please specify your full name and telephone number. This will enable us to coordinate and schedule a date, time, and location to finalize the details.
  • What Are Your Transaction Fees?
    The fees consist of a fixed amount of 4%, which will be directly deducted from the exchange amount during the transaction.
  • What is peer 2 peer?
    The term peer-to-peer, often abbreviated as P2P, originates from English and translates to 'pair à pair' in French. This concept holds significant importance in the realm of cryptocurrencies, as it enables two individuals to directly exchange digital assets without the need for an intermediary or trusted third party.
  • What is the point of peer-to-peer exchanges?
    The primary advantage of such a system is the speed of transactions. While transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain can sometimes take several tens of minutes, other digital assets are much faster (and less costly), completing operations in just a few seconds. The swiftness of these transfers, in comparison to traditional banks, is attributed to the fact that each individual has total control over the cryptocurrencies they own. No bank needs to verify the transaction before accepting it, thereby avoiding significant delays. Furthermore, peer-to-peer exchanges enable a degree of anonymity, as one must discover the identity of the person with a wallet address before linking it to a specific individual. Additionally, there is no maximum limit on the amount of money that can be sent, allowing each person the freedom to choose the sum they wish to transfer.

Scedulez votre rendez-vous

Scedulez votre rendez-vous pour faire votre echange P2P avec nous aujourd'hui!

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